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YUVIKA HERBS, Special care is taken to use the fresh and pure products, the herbs are properly cleansed and processed as per the traditional / authoritative texts / methods to retain its natural aroma, color, taste, purity and effectiveness and maintaining the quality. YUVIKA HERBS Products Contains No Added Colors, Flavors or Preservatives. Benefits: There are no substitutes in modern medicine for the Fresh, Pure & Natural Herbs. Along with the presence of nutrients, they serve numerous health benefits and possess an earthy taste. Storage Information: Store in a cool and Dry place away from Sunlight and Moisture. Keep it in Airtight Container after Opening. Allergen Information: Packed in a facility that also handles Tree Nuts and Cereals.

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Botanical Name :- Viola odorata L.,

Family :- Violaceae.

Synonyms :- Viola wiedemannii Boiss., Viola odora Neck.

Regional Name :- English : Wood violet, Sweet violet, Common violet, Garden violet,  Hindi : Banafsa, Banafsha, Vanafsha, Banaphsa, Sanskrit : Banafsha, Banapsa, Vanaphsa, Vanspika, Urdu :  Banafsha, Banafshah, Gul banafsha, Gul banafshah, gul-e-banafsha,  Marathi :  Bagabanosa, Tamil : Vayilethe, vayilettu, ratna purus, Ratnapurucu.

Part Used :- Whole Plant.

Description :- The plant is known as Banafsa, Banafsha or Banaksa in India. It is a hardy herbaceous, perennial flowering plant. It’s heart shaped leaves often with scalloped or slightly serrated edges are dark green, smooth or sometimes downy underneath, and grow in a rosette at the base of the plant. Roots are creeping and send out runners. flowers may be from deep purple or blue to pinkish or even yellow whitish.

Ayurvedic Properties :- Rasa : Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter), Guna : Laghu (lightness), Snigdha (oiliness, unctuousness), Vipaka : Katu – Undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion, Virya : Ushna, Effect on Tridosha – Vata Pittahara – Balances Vata and Pitta Dosha.

Ayurvedic Applications :- Pachana, Depana, Jwara, Raktadosha, Sotha, Kasa, Shwasa, Antrasula,

Medicinal Uses :- It is used for treating swelling, inflammation, jaundice, headache, body pains, Abscesses, cancerous growths, pimples, rheumatism of the wrists, skin irritations, sores, superficial tubercles of the glands of the neck, swollen glands, tumors. It is used for treating respiratory ailments, insomnia, cough, asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, fever, constipation, burning sensation, burning eyes, skin disorders, cystitis, throat infection and rheumatism. It is used as a cardio-tonic, and tonic for brain, liver, and stomach.

Yuvika Herbs motto is to supply Genuine, Pure, Clean, Sorted & Natural Products
We are Providing Original form of Herbs, We do not use any Harmful Chemicals for Cleaning the Products.

  • Safe Packaging: Primary Packaging of Product is done in Branded Food Grade Poly Pack & Secondary Packaging in Corrugated Box.
  • Delivery: Within 2 - 5 Working Days (Varies With Distance).
  • Storage Directions: For Natural Taste & Freshness, Keep it in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight & Do not refrigerate. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.
  • Legal DisclaimerYuvika Herbs makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the information contained herein or the suitability of its products and services for any particular purpose, nor does Yuvika Herbs assume any liability whatsoever arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit. The products sold hereunder and any other products sold by Yuvika Herbs have been subject to limited testing and should not be used in conjunction with mission-critical equipment or applications. Any performance specifications are believed to be reliable but are not verified, and Buyer must conduct and complete all performance and other testing of the products, alone and together with, or installed in, any end-products. Buyer shall not rely on any data and performance specifications or parameters provided by Yuvika Herbs. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to independently determine suitability of any products and to test and verify the same. The information provided by Yuvika Herbs hereunder is provided “as is, where is” and with all faults, and the entire risk associated with such information is entirely with the Buyer. Yuvika Herbs does not grant, explicitly or implicitly, to any party any patent rights, licenses, or any other IP rights, whether with regard to such information itself or anything described by such information. Information provided in this document is proprietary to Yuvika Herbs, and Yuvika Herbs reserves the right to make any changes to the information in this document or to any products and services at any time without notice.

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