YUVIKA Chia Seeds - Omega 3 - Anti Oxidant - Gluten Free - Salvia Hispanica

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Chia Seeds are usually a mixture of grey, black, white and sometimes even brown seeds. However, even the black ones are not pitch black in color. Instead, a dull pattern or a mosaic is visible on them

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Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They’re loaded with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and various micro nutrients. Chia seeds are high in antioxidants that help protect the delicate fats in the seeds. They also have various benefits for health.Almost all of the carbohydrates in chia seeds are fiber. This gives them the ability to absorb 10–12 times their weight in water. Fiber also has various beneficial effects on health. Chia seeds are high in quality protein, much higher than most plant foods. Protein is the most weight loss friendly macro-nutrient and can drastically reduce appetite and cravings. Chia seeds are very high in the omega-3 fatty acid ALA. However, humans are not good at converting this into DHA, the most important omega-3 fatty acid. Chia seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein. All of these nutrients are essential for bone health. Chia seeds are easy to prepare and are often added to porridge or smoothies.


The Bottom Line

Chia seeds are not only rich in nutrients, omega-3 fat, antioxidants and fiber but also easy to prepare. People commonly add them to their porridge or smoothies.

Chia Seeds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients With Very Few Calories

Chia Seeds Are Loaded With Antioxidants

The High Fiber and Protein Content in Chia Seeds May Help You Lose Weight

Chia Seeds Are High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

They’re High in Many Important Bone Nutrients

Other names is Chia known by?

Chía, Chia Fresca, Chia Grain, Chia Oil, Chia Seed, Chia Sprout, Germe de Chia, Graine de Chia, Graine de Salba, Huile de Chia, Pinole, S. Hispanica, Salba, Salba Grain, Salvia hispanica, Salvia Hispanica L

Yuvika Herbs motto is to supply Genuine, Pure, Clean, Sorted & Natural Products
We are Providing Original form of Herbs, We do not use any Harmful Chemicals for Cleaning the Products.

  • Safe Packaging: Primary Packaging of Product is done in Branded Food Grade Poly Pack & Secondary Packaging in Corrugated Box.
  • Delivery: Within 2 - 5 Working Days (Varies With Distance).
  • Storage Directions: For Natural Taste & Freshness, Keep it in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight & Do not refrigerate. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.
  • Legal DisclaimerYuvika Herbs makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the information contained herein or the suitability of its products and services for any particular purpose, nor does Yuvika Herbs assume any liability whatsoever arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit. The products sold hereunder and any other products sold by Yuvika Herbs have been subject to limited testing and should not be used in conjunction with mission-critical equipment or applications. Any performance specifications are believed to be reliable but are not verified, and Buyer must conduct and complete all performance and other testing of the products, alone and together with, or installed in, any end-products. Buyer shall not rely on any data and performance specifications or parameters provided by Yuvika Herbs. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to independently determine suitability of any products and to test and verify the same. The information provided by Yuvika Herbs hereunder is provided “as is, where is” and with all faults, and the entire risk associated with such information is entirely with the Buyer. Yuvika Herbs does not grant, explicitly or implicitly, to any party any patent rights, licenses, or any other IP rights, whether with regard to such information itself or anything described by such information. Information provided in this document is proprietary to Yuvika Herbs, and Yuvika Herbs reserves the right to make any changes to the information in this document or to any products and services at any time without notice.

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars based on 485 reviews


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"top quality product"

by Finnan on 18-Mar-2021
best quality

"go for it"

by sumeet Singh on 24-Sep-2020
nice product go for it

"Very nice"

by Aryan on 21-Sep-2020
Excellent productIt swells well overnightNutritious can be used alone at night time or make shakes or fruit pudding etcRich calcium source

"Good product"

by Faqid on 14-Sep-2020
Got it today

"Its effective."

by Falan on 08-Sep-2020
Product packaging is awesome but delivery box packaging is worst..... But it is pure organic chia seeds and i use it as morning drink for weight loss and i have lost 4kg weight in just 3 months for this amezing organic product.


by KN Krishnan on 29-Aug-2020
Good packaging and worthy


by Jagat on 27-Aug-2020
Just arrived.. Looking good.. Hopefully taste will be good too

"Nice flavor."

by Bahadurjit on 23-Aug-2020
This was my first buy so I had no idea of taste but found good flavor, soft. Benefits will be as per nutritional science. I am happy for buying this item.

"Go for it"

by Karan on 17-Aug-2020
Very satisfied with the product and its quality. Highly recommended.

"I recommend this product"

by Harpreet Singh on 15-Aug-2020
Yuvika Herbs chia seeds are really of good quality..I recommend to buy chia seeds of Yuvika Herbs.....chia seeds are good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

"Good quality"

by Rinki on 14-Aug-2020
I liked it's taste and quality. It's free from dust and other impurities. But I'm not sure about it's weight loss results as I haven't noticed any such change in myself even after using 2 packs of it

"Must buy..."

by Parth on 09-Aug-2020
It is really value for money..flavor is tasteless...Packaging was good..It's really working to loose weight...

"It’s alright"

by Laksh on 03-Aug-2020
Not sure if the problem I’ve faced is with this particular company or I’m allergic to chia seeds in general...Had a sore throat immediately after consumption.

"Great packaging , value for money"

by Vatsal Mithal on 02-Aug-2020
I think these are on of the best chia seeds that i have tried till now. They swell well and tastes good. I regularly have chia seeds in the morning and it serves my purpose.

"Chia seeds"

by Ekaraj on 01-Aug-2020
Nice prodact and so lovely prices

"Best Quality"

by Murtaza Husain on 01-Aug-2020
Finest Chia seeds I have bought ever.

"Go for it!!"

by Nayan on 31-Jul-2020
Very amazing!!Nutritous promoting digestion and controlling fats unhealthy chalestrol.energy provider ,overall godd response.N the packaging is very well

"Excellent product"

by Lohit on 31-Jul-2020
Good quality product...didn't find any dirt ...good packing chance for moisture.

"Hood one"

by Jisha on 31-Jul-2020
Good one

"Value for money"

by ANKUR on 30-Jul-2020
Good product compared to other

"Value for money product"

by Azaan on 29-Jul-2020
I buy this product for first tym nd it's simply awsm. It's flavour , packaging is too good nd it is value for money product .I definitely buy again this product from Yuvika One thing I like so much its cleaniness nd natural texture .

"Best chia seed for weight loss and healthy growth"

by Indrajit on 29-Jul-2020
Chia seed is the best friend health and growth . Packaging was safe and secure and it's best in the price.over all experience is pretty good .

"Very refined Chia Seeds"

by Anonymous on 28-Jul-2020
Very good product. Refined and clean. Ready to be consumed. Great packaging as well.

"Excellent product. I liked it."

by amrita on 27-Jul-2020
Excellent product. Worth buying this. Product is effective. One should go for it.


by ratna adhikary on 27-Jul-2020
Product is very good.Helps in hairfall prevention.

"Definately worth it!!"

by Lohit on 24-Jul-2020
Really good product, goes with all the repecies.Would definately recommend this.

"Looks good"

by anurag on 23-Jul-2020
Nicely packed. Looks good. Latest batch

"Value for money"

by Gaurang on 22-Jul-2020
I have seen many chia seeds options. But there reviews were not satisfying. After seeing Yuvika Herbs chia seeds review I decide to buy this. I purchased this for the first time. And I really like its quality. The seeds are clear and pure. I really like this product.

"Really wait loss products"

by sumit paul on 21-Jul-2020
Only can 1 month used & results in hand.RgdsSumit

"Awesome Product"

by Rahul Thakur on 21-Jul-2020
Yuvika Herbs is trust. Always upto the mark in flavour and quality.

"Good Product"

by Nakul on 21-Jul-2020
Good product

"Worth it"

by Anushka on 21-Jul-2020
I use it daily with a glass of water,I soak it overnight. It is tasteless, easily consumable.Totally worth the price.

"Very nice go for it"

by Arnav on 20-Jul-2020
I like it... ordered first time nd happy with the purchase... suggest everyone to go for it...chia seeds are good for the health.

"Must try once"

by Nidhi on 19-Jul-2020
I want to say thanks yuvika because this Chia product is good i ordered it third time. The chia seeds were very clean. There were no dust particles.I am really satisfied with these good quality seeds. I must suggest this product to everyone Bcz this a super product.

"Premium and Quality Chia Seeds"

by Kannaya on 18-Jul-2020
I recently purchased Pumpkin Seeds from the same seller which I found were of great quality so wanted to try other products from the seller and purchased Chia Seeds which proved to be a good decisionYou can as well go ahead and purchase from this seller.I see negative ratings being given as the seller is offering some cash back offer.If you liked the product give 5 star else do not, there is no point in giving negative reviews even when the product is good. Your review here should be based on the quality of the product.I loved the product which made me write a review so that it benefits others to make a proper decision when purchasing.Pros:1) Quality2) Packing3) Fresh seeds with good flavorCons:I didn't find any

"Must buy Yuvika Herbs pure and natural products "

by Shikha Dangi on 17-Jul-2020
Superb quality, beautiful packaging and value for money.. after using Yuvika Herbs I realised I was wasting my money earlier on other brands.. surely will order chia seeds again and other products too of Yuvika Herbs

"The best chia seed"

by Heisenberg on 15-Jul-2020
This is the best chia seed. Quality and packages is good. It has more nutrition. Chia water is healthy and nutrition rich.

"Quality product."

by Priyansha on 15-Jul-2020
Amazing product. I thought i would buy it offline as i don't trust buying food products online. But i was wrong. It was worth the risk. Great product to lose weight and not feel the hunger for a very long time. It helped me a lot during my intermittent fasting.

"Amazing product"

by Devesh tiwari on 15-Jul-2020
This is my 2nd order for chia from Yuvika Herbs and i bought 2 packets . The chia is enriched with nutrition. I am taking them for weight loss and has seen some really good results. Taste is very good....

"Great product"

by hetal on 15-Jul-2020
Just received my package today..it’s quality looks great..will definitely repurchase this

"Am happy with this one"

by Nisha chhetri on 15-Jul-2020
This is a genuine product . Go for it .


by Deep saini on 11-Jul-2020
It is very good product for health. Very good packaging and non flavor which is good and easy to eat. I think it's good good product in good value.

"Good quality seeds"

by Anu on 11-Jul-2020
Very good quality seeds..

"Pure - very good"

by Aniruddh Mandora on 11-Jul-2020
Yuvika Herbs chia seeds product is authentic and pure. Must try for health conscious people!

"Good product"

by Laksh on 10-Jul-2020
The product is useful in maintaining diabetes and weight loss. Packaging was good , flavour too is good. This is the 4th time I have ordered it to maintain the continuity.

"Go for it Good"

by raj on 09-Jul-2020
Best quality GOOD.

"Everybody can opt for these chia seeds"

by shailja singh on 07-Jul-2020
I have been using these chia seeds for a week now and these are already better which I have used in the past. It's good in flavour and also value for money. I got it for ₹269 for a 250gm packet which is quite affordable. So if you are thinking of buying these chia seeds, you should go for it.

"Original product"

by Mythili on 07-Jul-2020
First choice ever

"Good product"

by Devendra patwari on 05-Jul-2020
It is a good product using it since a week and it's great. the packing was good. There are no stones so no problem of sorting can directly use it.Overall a good product

"Seeds are clean."

by Aamir khan on 03-Jul-2020
Product packaging is good. Seeds are clean and look premium.

"Value for money."

by Krishna on 01-Jul-2020
I was looking for a a good deal for chia seeds. Yuvika Herbs chia seeds was the best choice i made. Good quality seeds i must say. Liked the product.


by Nuthan B. on 30-Jun-2020
It’s really worth buying... vry clean - no dust or stones....absorbs water totally..Swells up fully ..easily mixes with liquid to make yummy milkshakes or lassi!

"Excellent quality!!!"

by mahesh on 30-Jun-2020
The quality of the seeds and packing as well is quite impressive. Seeds dissolve in water very fast and taste was good. I tried many other products but these are very easy digest and helps to loose weight.

"Very good quality seeds SATISFIED!!"

by Sarmistha Aich on 29-Jun-2020
 The chia seeds were very clean. There were no dust particles or any worms. They looked fresh.

"Value for money!!!"

by Ekbal on 28-Jun-2020
Clean and hygienic packaging, Yuvika Herbs Chia seeds are value for money and much better than other available options. Really good product.

"Loved this product"

by Yogendra Chahar on 27-Jun-2020
Nice and healthy product, delivery very fast. Amazing experience.

"Just go for it!"

by Nirav Rathod on 27-Jun-2020
This product is value for money. I have used chia seeds of other brands also, but I think this is the best one amongst them. Just don't give a second thought to buy it.Stay healthy, stay fit!


by NITISH MAHNA on 25-Jun-2020
Nice flavour

"Great product"

by Manan on 24-Jun-2020
Fully satisfied, great product with good packing, clean and pure chia seeds. Highly recommended.

"Good one, go for it"

by Jeenu on 23-Jun-2020
It is clean, I didn't find any dust particle or any other foreign materialJust go for it


by Lucky on 23-Jun-2020
The product is awesome

"Very good product, value for money"

by Madhan. K on 23-Jun-2020
It's really working, i ordered this for 3rd time, simply superb

"Chia seeds Yuvika Herbs review"

by bidisha on 23-Jun-2020
The packaging was very proper and the amount was also enough as per the payment


by Amol on 22-Jun-2020
I ordered this organic Chia seeds and they are great the packaging is good but can be improved in terms of container. Otherwise the seeds are clean and no dusts and gives a clear chia seed water no no change in color. Provides couple of ideas on how to use and the health benefits. Definitely a go to product.

"Excellent Quality"

by Krish on 22-Jun-2020
Received the Yuvika Herbs Chia Seeds in excellent condition exceeding my expectations .Very healthy and tasty . Recommended for the entire family

"Good Quality"

by Ritwik on 22-Jun-2020
Packaging was very good. Chia seeds inside are very clean and without any impurities.

"Quality is Great"

by Krishna on 21-Jun-2020
Chia seeds are of very good quality. Plus it is Made in India so if you want to buy Chia seeds you can absolutely rely on Yuvika Herbs

"Best Chia Seeds"

by Ahmed Zaid on 20-Jun-2020
When I ordered it was little confused to order which brand but now I am satisfied with these chia seeds. They are far better from other seller. High quality, super clean and ready to use.Excellent product at a very reasonable price Chia seed cannot be more affordable than this. Packing was also very nice.It's a very good product for weight loss and for ur skin as well. So i can recommend this product and brand to all my family and friends..


by Darpan on 20-Jun-2020
Good quality chia seeds


by shivali on 19-Jun-2020
Good hygienic health food!


by Jainew on 19-Jun-2020

"Very Good"

by apurva on 19-Jun-2020
This is very nutritious product from from Yuvika Herbs . I highly recommend this to everyone


by Arkajyoti on 19-Jun-2020
Good product. Must buy

"Nice product"

by M. Chithra on 19-Jun-2020
Packaging is very good.... But value for money very high..... Nice product...


by Debeshi Mishra on 18-Jun-2020

"Value for money"

by ANSHU GUPTA on 17-Jun-2020
Loved this product, these chia seeds just take around 30 minutes to soak.

"Great quality"

by Samiksha on 16-Jun-2020
Great quality seeds with proper packaging. Prooves effective in weight loss


by Shavinder kaur on 16-Jun-2020
Cost effective product, really loved it !

"Worth for money"

by Jo on 16-Jun-2020
The product is of good quality and well packed. These chia seeds were fresh enough. Good to buy ,


by Avi on 15-Jun-2020
First thing I would love to tell about the Yuvika Herbs brand I am personally in love with it, this is my second product purchase, second I am in love with packaging n the information given on it, superb job.

"Good Product"

by Kalpit on 15-Jun-2020
This is what I had been looking for. Loved the product. I can utilise the same to make good smoothies. Thank you Yuvika Herbs

"Good.too cost"

by Parvathi on 15-Jun-2020

"Exhalent product..."

by Puneeth B S on 15-Jun-2020
Good product.... Very good for weight loss.... And good hair growth....


by Vivek on 15-Jun-2020
This is a very good product . I am very happy about that product

"No impurities at all"

by Yajush Chauhan on 15-Jun-2020
Good product, Must try.


by Girindra on 14-Jun-2020
I like it


by Abeer on 13-Jun-2020
Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, they are rich in antioxidants , and provide fiber , iron, and calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids help to raise HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke, and many more..Product is good with excellent packaging..You can just go for it without any doubt. Thank you

"Best in class"

by Brijesh on 13-Jun-2020
Its a good product , little bit costly in comparison to local market but fine in quality so worth it...


by ShivKumar Nishad on 13-Jun-2020
Good product

"Must buy for weight loss"

by Lakshay on 13-Jun-2020
Value for the product. Awesome packing.

"Good purchase"

by Lohit on 13-Jun-2020
Seeds are really good

"Neat and Clean seed!!!"

by Ashutosh on 13-Jun-2020
Nice and Neat seeds. I liked it

"Good quality"

by Shriram on 13-Jun-2020
Value for money

"Nice Product!!"

by Arnav on 12-Jun-2020
I was planning to purchase chia seeds and then looked products just to pick up the best and affordable one. Then I found chia seeds from Yuvika Herbs and they are good as there is no dirt. I am taking them for weight loss. Nice packaging and value for money.

"Excellent product & value for money"

by Ravi Prasad on 12-Jun-2020
Excellent product and totally safe when used in recommended dose.good for arthritis patients and rich in omega fatty acids.

"Good so far"

by Ansh on 11-Jun-2020
Have started using this from yesterday...have not see any side effects yet... But definitely could feel the effect of chai seeds..

"Excellent product always"

by Lakshay on 11-Jun-2020
Excellent product having great medicinal value.

"Gud quality"

by Isha on 11-Jun-2020
Gud quality,this is my 3rd orderWilling to buy again

"Value for money product"

by Onkar on 11-Jun-2020
Packaging was perfect and really a value for money product. Must use. Recommended

"Best chia seeds"

by Advik on 10-Jun-2020
I read about chia seed from one of the website then I decided to order it. When I see multiple companies for chia seed I have decided to order it from yuvika based on it's good review.They are far better from other seller. High quality, super clean and ready to use. Packing was also very nice. So at last I can recommend this product and brand to all.

"Chia seed great for nutrients and healthy for our body."

by Indranil Dey on 10-Jun-2020
The product of packaging was so great.....flavor is good as like as delious food and it also value for money.so I think if any one think to buy this product ..go head..its nice and more important it contains in fiber, protein , neutrients and rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

"Good chia seed, go for it without doubt"

by Anjali on 10-Jun-2020
Its cleans and packaging was also good. You should go for it. It's trustworthy.

"High quality chia seeds!!!"

by Raviteja gollapudi on 10-Jun-2020
Amazing product!! Very neat and clean and high quality chia seeds! No dust and external particals. Must go with this brand!!!

"nice ptoduct"

by surya narayan on 10-Jun-2020
Very good packaging, taste and product quality is excellent.

"Value for money"

by Mohit on 07-Jun-2020
The best super food in the world..the seeds are very clean...and really good for health as it is rich source of so many things. Must buy...!!

"Good product"

by muzammil mohammed on 07-Jun-2020
Good product and good quality

"Benefit of chia seeds"

by Kabir on 06-Jun-2020
This product packaging bis good and the flavor of this product is nice. This is my second order and I am totally correct that this product is for vlaue for money.

"Good product at reasonable price"

by Lucky on 06-Jun-2020
This product Yuvika Herbs Chia seeds is helful in almost all the common problem of body. This is helpful in weight loss, digestion, heart health and also beneficial for hair. This product is enriched with Nutrition, Protein, Calcium, Fibres and many more.

"Best in the market"

by Pratima Singh on 06-Jun-2020
GoodHighly recommendedTotally worth buying it ,best in the market

"Good quality chia seed"

by Manash Sharma on 05-Jun-2020
yes it is really a value for money products. i loved it

"Healthy product"

by Deepak on 04-Jun-2020
The package should be completely sealed. Product is good for health.

"very nice"

by shristi on 04-Jun-2020
I m satisfied with this product

"Very nice product "

by Lucky on 03-Jun-2020
Very nice product

"Good product"

by Dr. on 03-Jun-2020
Good.Satisfied delivery and quality of the product is alright.

"Genuine product with no dust"

by Balendra on 02-Jun-2020
Very nice product for weight loss...i use it daily in my post exercise shake.

"Best product to buy and value for "

by Arjun on 02-Jun-2020
I have been using this product from last 3 months and found good results it's totally organic no outside ingredients mixed with it this is my 3rd time i bought it from yuvika. Best product in market till now as per my opinion

"Absolute nutrients available, must try!"

by Maneesh on 02-Jun-2020
Very good product, provides required nutrients. Have used in fruit pudding and it adds value to overall recepie.

"Best herbal source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals"

by Nitesh on 02-Jun-2020
Best herbal source of fibre, vitamins, and mineralsReduce for weight loss

"Must in morning :)"

by Bahadurjit on 01-Jun-2020
I love the product... I ordered it second time.. as its is a daily ingredient of my breakfast... Full of fiber.... Love it


by Jason on 01-Jun-2020
Very nice product


by Santhosh Roonaval on 01-Jun-2020
Worth buying it.

"Good one"

by ANKITA KUMARI JAIN on 31-May-2020
Very nice ,safe packing & good quality


by monika on 30-May-2020
Good product needed just this for my morning protien and fibre rich diet.

"Good product"

by Pallavi on 29-May-2020
Having bare idea which chia seeds to buy. You can go for it. I'm using Chia seeds for first time I liked the product no defect

"Best chia seeds"

by sahil singh on 27-May-2020
I am ordering this for second time and they are so good.. good for health , no impurities

"For weight reduction drink in early morning and after food one spoonful in night"

by Venu M S on 23-May-2020
Good for health

"Very very good product for a wet loss "

by Anuradha Naskar on 23-May-2020
Very nice

"Value for money"

by b v s vasudha on 23-May-2020
Good product.useful for weight loss.


by Div on 22-May-2020
Just strated using this. Nicely packed. Hope it'll work for me..

"Value for money"

by KARTIK AGARWAL on 22-May-2020
Just started using it. Can't comment upon the benefits as of yet but the use or product seems very good.


by Krish on 21-May-2020
Very nice product..!!


by karpov1966 on 21-May-2020


by Sunny on 20-May-2020
I m using this from a couple of month and I m very happy happy after using the product..The seeda were fully cleaned and there r no dust particles.This is my second order of the seeds from the Yuvika Herbs does a great job. Thank u!!

"Good one"

by Nivetha on 20-May-2020
Product is good

"Great product"

by Anjali on 19-May-2020
Really clean and good seeds! No need to worry about the flavour and price is also pretty reasonable

"Good quality product"

by Sudeshna on 19-May-2020
Good quality chia seeds..I see a repeat purchase in future

"Fabulous product everyone should buy it. It is very good for health"

by Sukhjinder Kaur on 19-May-2020
Its presentation was pretty nice. Its very good for health. It is good quality product.

"Value for money"

by Honey bhargava on 19-May-2020
Really a good product which is value for money and a good quality product

"5 star quality"

by Abdul on 18-May-2020
100 percent satisfied. Got it delivered before the expected date. Very much satisfied with the presentation. Its value for money. Chia seeds also is of good quality. Have ordered many chia seeds before but this one is the best. I give it 5 stars quality wise presentation wise.

"Good buy."

by Narendra Srivastava on 18-May-2020
Have been using the product for some time.Value for money.


by Lakshay on 18-May-2020

"Very Good Product!"

by Arin on 17-May-2020
Value for money! Overall development of health!

"5 starts"

by Anuradha Manam on 17-May-2020
Good in taste and quality aswell

"Great product"

by Antara on 15-May-2020
The taste was normal not at all like medicine .. The product does not have any dust particals alredy used the product today received new packet .. Great to buy

"Awesome product .......go for it"

by Mohd Kashan on 14-May-2020
As mentioned....dont think twice

"Satisfied customer"

by Diki on 11-May-2020
Tried Chia for the first time and glad that trusted this brand because what I got is exactly as expected. Definitely buying again when I run of it.

"Premium product"

by Siddharth Ahlawat on 09-May-2020
Hi? the product was of high quality and quality as delivered and well in time. Premium quality.


by Ayush on 08-May-2020
Authentic product, clean and pure , one of the best available in the market .

"Value of money"

by Ankit jain on 06-May-2020
Good product, flavour and presentation is also good and value for money. A product must try.

"Good quality"

by Amit Bhardwaj on 06-May-2020
Quality of chia seeds is very good.Packaging is niceOverall value for money

"Good quality and safe packaging"

by Palak on 02-May-2020
Quality looks good. Chia seeds are amazing for your body. Packaging was also safeThanks to the seller

"Really Well and Good"

by Sivasidambaram S on 24-Apr-2020
I found this is really value for money and advisable for all ages

"Value for money"

by Naksh on 17-Apr-2020
It value for money as we can store it for a longer period if time..I like it

"Best Chia seeds at this price"

by Balhaar on 10-Apr-2020
Yhe product came in a well designed packed depicting clean and hygienic seeds with good presentation. The flavor of the seeds is very simple and the quality is superior. It definitely comes at the best price in the market.I would surely recommed to go and get this product.


by Jyoti sharma on 27-Mar-2020
Good for health.

"Excellent product."

by Nafisa chopra on 25-Mar-2020
I am fully statisfied with this.Now i can drink it with my green tea.Everyone must buy.


by matin on 24-Mar-2020
Good product for health

"Good product"

by Kiaan on 23-Mar-2020
Product is good, value for money

"Very very quality product"

by Praveena Pradeepkumar on 23-Mar-2020
Lets Go for it! I looked for various products just to pick the right chia seeds at once. It took a long but I ultimately found these, super affordable, not even a single grain of impurity, original seeds and Ready to consume.its very good.

"good product"

by DHARMARAJ on 23-Mar-2020
Nice food , excellent packing , arrived promptly

"Helpful in weight loss"

by Shivi Agarwal on 21-Mar-2020
This is the second package I am having. It helps in weight loss and carbs your craving too.

"Quality Chia at a great price!"

by Deepankar_Singh on 20-Mar-2020
Chia seeds seem to have qualities of Omega-3, calcium, iron, antioxidants, fibers among many others. Almost super food. Viva Naturals Organic Chia Seeds are nice size, great quality seeds.These Chia seeds are of very good quality. this is the good value for money. I usually soak a spoonful of seeds overnight and drink it with water in the morning. I love adding them to yogurt and granola, smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, or making chia pudding for a quick prepped breakfast food. They are very versatile and add nutrition and hunger-satiating fiber to meals!Great value!! Chia seeds WILL eat tummy fat !!

"Its have so many benefits..I love this product.."

by chanchal Sharma on 20-Mar-2020
It's a Ayurveda product. I love this product...because it's have more n more Rich In proteins,Omega 3fatty acids,Calcium n fibers..it's beneficial for over weight loss,it help for skin,hair care also,improv over digestion, it's improv over body strength and ofcourse care over heart ....so many benefits have it.....really love this product....I highly highly recommend this product buy it....

"Best product"

by Racheal on 20-Mar-2020
Too good as it help me in reducing 4Kg as well in one month

"Must Try product"

by Atharv on 19-Mar-2020
I basically order this product as a part of my diet plan.Product is really good no impurities.Must try .Most recommend

"Genuinely good quality product"

by Ayush on 18-Mar-2020
Have tried various brands but found this one of the best. The seeds were clean and of premium quality. Go for it!

"Quality of Seeds very good"

by Vikas Kumar on 16-Mar-2020
Quality of Seeds very good, this is my 2nd purchase, got good results over a period of time, plan to use it every day

"Quality product"

by Manoj kumar tiwari on 16-Mar-2020

"Yuvika Herbs Chia Seeds is very healthy products"

by Alkesh Gor on 16-Mar-2020
 I am very thankful to yuvika, all products are very nice & powerful.

"Works wonders!"

by Ayaan on 14-Mar-2020
Chia seeds helps you to get that fit body and skin glow that everyone aspires. And having it from a brand makes it quality safe. Yuvika got it delivered in less than 48hours! Happy customer!

"Good product"

by Anirudh on 12-Mar-2020
I ordered this chia seeds for the first time and frm Yuvika herbs and believe me its very nice product and in furture me definately going buy again .. nyc product

"Great product."

by yogesh.mudgil on 12-Mar-2020
The packaging and quality of seeds is amazing, it is working well as if now.

"Superb product"

by sanchari ghosh on 07-Mar-2020
Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Chia seed cannot be more affordable than this. Now talking about its effectiveness , I am reviewing this after 4months of using the product. Just one tablespoon soaked overnight and drinking it with warm water in the morning will improve your skin drastically and keeps your constipation problems at bay. Do try once if you are looking for pure chia seeds

"friend for life ❤"

by Advaith on 06-Mar-2020
After knowing about the goodness of chia seeds I was confused with so many brands so I choose yuvika herbs. Finally I ended up with this and I am super satisfied with its result..

"Quality seeds"

by Balvan on 06-Mar-2020
Firdt of all , the packing is too good. Seeds are also very good in quality. I loved it.

"5 star"

by Girik on 05-Mar-2020

"Nice product"

by Sangeeta shakya on 05-Mar-2020
Nice product

"Go for it"

by Brijesh on 04-Mar-2020
I love these. Having th every day with coconut milk..so refreshing


by Anay on 04-Mar-2020
Good quality and really help me for good digestion .thanks to Yuvika herbs

"Best quality"

by Jagdeep on 02-Mar-2020
Best quality chia seeds. I used some other brand’s chia seeds but this is of best quality.

"Clean seeds"

by Pranav on 01-Mar-2020
Good and clean seeds

"Good one"

by swagatam sahoo on 29-Feb-2020
Most valuable product and in short period of time weight is loss.

"Go for it"

by Abhiramnew on 26-Feb-2020
Very good in quality, neat & clean. Chia seeds are good option for many health benefits. Very helpful, must buy product.


by Lakshit on 23-Feb-2020


by Omair Ahmad Khan on 20-Feb-2020
Is helpful in digestion and weight loss..Nice and fresh product.

"good product"

by Dipti Sahu on 20-Feb-2020
The product is good and looks fresh.Taste too is good.

"Good quality"

by NEELIMA on 19-Feb-2020
These chia seeds quality is very good.i ordered this for second time.

"Great quality"

by Akshay on 18-Feb-2020
The seeds are very clean. No impurity at all. It has helped me in weight loss. Will definitely purchase again. It is a value for money product.

"Not better than psyllium husk "

by Azaan on 17-Feb-2020
Chia seeds take like 5 minutes to increase in size. And it is a little difficult and uncomfortable to drink it. It feels like drinking some seeds. If you want it for problems like constipation or digestion related problems then go for psyllium husk (isabgol) but if you just want to have it generally to use it in smoothies or salads then you can buy it.

"Best product"

by Rohit Sharma on 17-Feb-2020
Quality is awesome

"About product"

by Umang Virani on 16-Feb-2020
This is my first time of use chia seed and yes actually this product give adequate quality as per price.

"Good for health"

by Munshi Sayed Hossain on 10-Feb-2020

"Product is good but cleaning maintenance is worst"

by MAHESH on 09-Feb-2020
Product is good but cleaning maintenance is worst since there is a small small stone in the packet...so be careful when you have it..


by Sweety Kesarwani on 05-Feb-2020
Good products originally

"Very attractive packing"

by Abhimanyu on 04-Feb-2020
Chia seeds are very clean & tasty

"Why I buy Yuvika Herbs chia seed eaxh time??"

by HIRAK GHOSH on 02-Feb-2020
So Great, whenever it's come to my mind to buy chia seed, it's Yuvika Herbs only. Great, clean and very convenient product at this price. I love this product because it's very rich nutritional product... best for weight control and heart health. 100% pure and natural. Vegan, NON GMO product.I would recommend you to have it everyday regularly for 2 weeks and then see the magic. I am sure, You will definitely love it and buy it again and again.


by Y s on 02-Feb-2020
Good product, need to add more such products in my deitary habits.

"Very clean and neatly packed"

by Marees Kannan on 31-Jan-2020
It is very clean and there is no dust particles .it was very well packed.

"Worth of money"

by Madhushree K.M on 31-Jan-2020
I ordered for the 1st time...packing and quality was nyc

"Just go for it"

by Advaith on 29-Jan-2020
I ordered chia seeds for the first tym. Ordered Yuvika Herbs on reviews. Goor packaging, quality. It soaks very well within an hour.

"Nice nutty, mild flavor."

by Advik on 28-Jan-2020
Clean stuff and good in taste. nutty, mild flavor makes them a very convenient addition to regular foods and beverages. Right now i am consuming twice a day.

"Helpful for weight loss"

by Siddhi Vernekar on 28-Jan-2020
Chia seeds are really helpful for weight loss and these seeds are very clean and hygienic.

"Good and reliable."

by Anmol on 26-Jan-2020
I have used for a quite a bit of time, no issues with the product.

"Chia seeds..."

by Azaan on 26-Jan-2020
Using it from the last three months &it's effective...both flavor and nutritional value is there...


by D s pathak on 26-Jan-2020
Perfect FlavourOrganic Original in TastePacking is perfect

"Nice and value for money"

by Jairaj on 26-Jan-2020
Nice product I m happy with that and the product is reachs me in very good condition and I love that

"Very Good product..."

by Manish Chandra on 26-Jan-2020
Product is really very good and safe in use. Found no side effect post using the product. I am a happy with this product. Thank you...

"Repurchasing soon!"

by Madhura Rajendra on 26-Jan-2020
Absolutely loved the product! Will repurchase soon.

"Great For health. Must Buy"

by Divyansh on 25-Jan-2020
Good Product for health

"Good product for Waight loss..."

by Rashmi S. on 24-Jan-2020
I like this product... Nice flavor.no any impurities... Good for Waight loss..

"Original product."

by Rudra Mukherjee on 24-Jan-2020
Original product without any mixture of other elements. Price could be a little lesser. Otherwise ok.

"Good Product"

by Praveen on 24-Jan-2020
Good product and good quality.


by Balvan on 23-Jan-2020
Fully satisfied with the product...got result within 10 days after taking chia seeds.

"Best Chia seeds Ever!!!!"

by Sagar Bhanushali on 23-Jan-2020
best chia seeds , clean and very awesome quality of seeds i tried for 250 gms first now i ordered 1kg ( 250gms x 4 ) packets , really loved it and most recommended


by adnan on 23-Jan-2020


by Ayaan on 22-Jan-2020
Loved the packaging and all. The seeds do look fresh and is a mix of white and black chia seeds. A good genuine product, must say!

"Great product"

by Bahadurjit on 22-Jan-2020
The chia seeds from Yuvika Herbs aturveda is great, no impurities and balanced mix of black and white seeds.the package was fresh and without any smell.

"Good product"

by Rishabh Anand on 20-Jan-2020
Good product


by Prasad on 20-Jan-2020
Quality seeds...I like the product.

"Good product....must try"

by vineet on 20-Jan-2020
Product is very good to use and packing was nice.You can go for it for sure.

"Really nice product ."

by Rajesh k. on 19-Jan-2020
Great product for those people who has constipation problem and also good for weight loss . Really nice product.


by MASROOR on 19-Jan-2020

"Nyc and gd quality"

by Abhiramnew on 18-Jan-2020
The product is very gd in quality and pakaging was really grt...over weight people take it evry morning with empty stomuch its very help full for weight reduce

"Good Product!"

by Ansh on 18-Jan-2020
Good quality chia seeds. Safe packing and nutritious product

"Value for Money."

by Imaran on 18-Jan-2020
Chia seeds are good source of fiber and it is a super food which is full of nutrition. I got this product on time. I liked the quality and purity also.


by Jatin on 18-Jan-2020
Taste good and Clean seeds

"Worth each penny"

by Maanav on 18-Jan-2020
Product is very good..It starts showing results after a week or two..

"Good product..."

by SATISH BONGIRWAR on 17-Jan-2020
Good product & very clean.......liked it.Will buy again.

"Best Chia seeds Online"

by Anjali Mishra on 17-Jan-2020
The product is best among the various options available online. There were no stones and insects. The seeds are fresh. Overall I'm very satisfied with the product

"100 % PURE."

by Lucky on 17-Jan-2020

"Great for Weight Loss and Digestion"

by Arjun on 16-Jan-2020
I started using this product after being recommended by my dietitian and it has helped me a lot in improving my immunity and digestion, the taste is good, will definitely buy again.

"Excellent product"

by Sunakshi on 15-Jan-2020
This product is great. No impurities at all, presentation is good, packaged very well, no leak etc. A total value for money.

"Good product"

by Nipin sreekumar on 15-Jan-2020
Good product

"Very affordable product"

by Psychopath on 14-Jan-2020
The seeds were good pure and also the cost was reasonable

"Good and very helpful"

by JYOTI PATEL on 12-Jan-2020
It was a good product , it contain omega 3fatty acid, which is very useful in increasing body metabolism, thank u yuvika

"nice 1"

by Sukirti on 11-Jan-2020
nice packaging and product

"Highest quality"

by Advay on 10-Jan-2020
Excellent product, quality is highest in standard. Safe and result oriented product.


by Azad on 09-Jan-2020
It is good and value for money.Nicely packed and received on time.I like it soo much

"Really helpful"

by Baljiwan on 09-Jan-2020
I ordered it for my mom and she really liked it.It really helped her. Thank you.


by VIV on 09-Jan-2020

"Best Quality product"

by Ashutosh on 08-Jan-2020
This Product is come with Nice Packaging,And Also with Good feedback from Another costomers

"Very good"

by Omkaar on 07-Jan-2020
It's a very good product.It has been added to our breakfast routine.


by Nitesh Kumar Mohanty on 07-Jan-2020
It's good for digestion problem .

"Awesome product from Yuvika Herbs "

by Avi on 04-Jan-2020
Ordered first time Chia seeds from Yuvika Herbs and found the taste, freshness and quality really good. Would buy it again.

"A one quality"

by Shweta singh on 04-Jan-2020
Very good product asa well the qulaity of yhe seeds. A very must try.

"Superb Product"

by Rahul Sharma on 04-Jan-2020
Everything is Ultimate the box , packing and value for money Best Product.

"best Chiya seeds ever i used. good to reduce fat"

by Aayush on 03-Jan-2020
product is really helpful and good in quality.packing is also good and seed inside it is very neat and clear. after soaking in water for 1 night they grown up and was good in taste too.you must go for this product.


by Jai on 03-Jan-2020

"You have to try it"

by Gagan on 02-Jan-2020
This product is really good ,, previously i have digestive problems but after trying this my problem is resolved , u all have to try it it is really helpfull

"Quality product"

by PADMANABHAM on 02-Jan-2020
Best product

"Good experience"

by shreya ash on 01-Jan-2020
Value for money. Got 2 in 1 ... Really good as compared to local shops price

"5 star. Prodect"

by Ayush bansal on 01-Jan-2020
Best quality product....

"Fantastic product"

by tushar on 31-Dec-2019
The flavour is good. For people going to the gym this product is a must have because of the omega 3 calcium and fibres in the product. All in all a great value for money product

"Very good"

by Sunita on 31-Dec-2019
Good product. Delivery on time.

"Ciao Fat With Chia Seeds"

by Neel on 31-Dec-2019
Good product, helps in digestion and weight loss. Highly recommend.

"Excellent Product"

by Bachittar on 30-Dec-2019
Nice product . Really working

"Healthy lifestyle"

by vishwa on 30-Dec-2019
Good& Healthy product


by Saransh Yadav on 30-Dec-2019
very nice product.

"A good choice!"

by Aarush on 29-Dec-2019
I was new to this "chia intake" so while searching in google I was checking out product reviews of various brand and then finally decided to try it out. And it proved itself to be a good one, it helped me out with digestion issues and i will be reordering it again.

"Awesome product"

by Anirudh on 29-Dec-2019
Go for it! I looked for various products just to pick the right chia seeds at once. It took a long but I ultimately found these, super affordable, not even a single grain of impurity, original seeds and Ready to consume.

"Chaia seeds"

by Azad on 29-Dec-2019

"Best One"

by Vineet Pandey on 29-Dec-2019
Good flavor, presentation was also too good and absolutely value for money .

"Good quality product"

by Balendra on 28-Dec-2019
This is my second order of the same product and I find these to be very clean and of good quality. Taste nice and make my morning breakfast wonderful !

"very nice product . would recommend to everyone for use."

by Priya Gupta on 27-Dec-2019
very nice product . would recommend to everyone for use.

"Good &Healthy"

by Lakshay on 25-Dec-2019
I have use this item in first time its really good &Value for money

"Loved the product"

by Bakhshi on 23-Dec-2019
Liked the product instantly, the flavours are perfect, and these are totally worth the money. Would definitely recommend it forward. Have used other company's products as well but these are the best.


by Abdul on 22-Dec-2019
This is a a average product. One things that i not like is that seller insist for rating 5 star

"Amazing product"

by Jeet on 21-Dec-2019
Good product


by Abrdpj on 21-Dec-2019

"Great Product"

by Bivhu Karmakar on 21-Dec-2019
Great product , worth the money and was really fresh.

"Good product and a definite add on for falooda"

by Balveer on 19-Dec-2019
The product is good with no impurities and properly cleaned.It is a definite add on for falooda and also helps in decreasing weight.Go for it.

"Great product"

by Hp on 19-Dec-2019
It's a great product without any impurities. Totally impressed with the product.

"Yuvika herbs is a good Brand"

by N.K. on 18-Dec-2019
Go for it without hesitation, it is an amazing product in taste and benifit. I am using this and work for me. If you go rate wise than it is the best option in the market.

"Quality Product"

by Avi on 18-Dec-2019
I liked the quality of the product. Very clean and neatly packed. I use Chia seeds everyday in my breakfast and mix it with OATS. No complaint very satisfied with product


by Susha on 18-Dec-2019
Its good. Clean and neatly packed

"Best for health"

by Laksh on 17-Dec-2019
Taste less

"Clean and crystal clear chia seeds"

by Anu on 16-Dec-2019
The product is awesome in its taste, quality and pure. A must buy for those who are looking for weight loss and healthy nutrients.


by S.MUTHU on 16-Dec-2019
I like it

"Worth the price, good product!"

by Rishabh on 15-Dec-2019
Nice Packaging and great product as promised. No impurities.

"Best chia seeds product"

by Baljiwan on 13-Dec-2019
The chia seeds are so clean and we can use the seeds directly to use without cleaning and the package which I received was so good n I hope I will loose weight. Thanks to Yuvika Herbs for this pure chia seeds.

"Super Food"

by Mona Chugh on 12-Dec-2019
It is very pure and Amazing Product. Keeps our Stomach cool, boost Metabolism, rich in Antioxidants, good for Health. Found it Taste good without any bad elements.

"Good quality seeds"

by Sayed Md Naseem on 12-Dec-2019
Fine clean and good quality seeds. Good packing.


by Farhan on 11-Dec-2019
Quality of the Chia seeds is very good, does look like handpicked. No dust particles were found. So one can trust and try Yuvika Herbs's products without any doubt.

"Must buy product"

by Aarav on 10-Dec-2019
I have ordered this product for third time. It gave me excellent results.This product contain a good quality of chia seeds not even a single grain of impurity was there. I am really satisfied with these good quality seeds.


by Rehana Q. on 10-Dec-2019

"Very good .."

by Ketan chauhan on 09-Dec-2019
genuine product, lots of health benefits


by MAHESH THORAT on 09-Dec-2019
This Product is very nice I will take 2 time

"Very Beneficial"

by Prashant Jaiswal on 08-Dec-2019
It's a very good product to use in weight loss and for skincare, it can be used with any beverages, smoothies as well or simple with a glass of water.

"Good Quality"

by Sunil S Bhosale on 08-Dec-2019
Good Quality Good Company

"Very good quality"

by Ankita Saha on 07-Dec-2019
Very good quality and clean product. Definitely buy next time too and also suggest for it.

"Best product in market"

by anshuman Singh on 07-Dec-2019
Best product in this price rangeMust buyEverything is perfect

"Good product"

by sindhu sreeshan on 07-Dec-2019
Good product

"Good product"

by ASHU on 07-Dec-2019
Product quality is very good and better option for weight loss

"Awesome product"

by Onveer on 07-Dec-2019
It's very useful and value for money. Original product

"5 star product"

by Dr. Archana Masram on 06-Dec-2019
It's very giod quality product n flavor also good becoz of that things its worth to my money


by Nidhi dhilor on 06-Dec-2019
It was good. I tried for 1st time. No need to clean as it is already clean. Nice packaging.

"Best buy"

by Kamal on 05-Dec-2019
No impurities and cheaper than other brands


by ARJUN S Nair on 05-Dec-2019
looked for various products just to pick the right chia seeds at once.Good for health. Helps in resolving health issue

"Weight reduces"

by Balveer on 04-Dec-2019
It works great trying second dose


by gosai jay on 04-Dec-2019
Ut was my first chia seeds...nd it is awesome...nice packaging and delivered on time...thanks ..I'll order it again sure

"Awsome Product"

by Sandy on 04-Dec-2019
This is very awsome product for weight loss and improve hair and skin texture Love it......

"Good quality"

by Aditya on 03-Dec-2019
This is good quality chia seeds..there are no impurities plus they feels good ..you get energy for like 1-2hr with only having these chia seeds ..I'm taking it my weight loss journey .

"Best chia seeds"

by Bakhshi on 02-Dec-2019
Very goodTrusted brand.using it since 2 months.go for it without any hesitationThanx for this seeds i have lost 8 kgValue for moneyFull natural


by Manan on 02-Dec-2019
Ultimate product

"Nice for every thing"

by Priti Vaghela on 02-Dec-2019
Very nice product

"Great one happy to order it great result"

by Arjun on 01-Dec-2019
Great product for those who want toWeight lossConstipation problemsTaking less fiber foodEven for health one can also take it .

"Value for money"

by Orinder on 01-Dec-2019
Very good product. Effective for weight loss.

"Fresh and ready to use"

by Ayaan on 30-Nov-2019
No impurities and all grains are so fresh. I have picked the right chia seeds. It goes great with juices, original seeds, Ready to consume anytime..

"A very good product for weight loss"

by devadut on 30-Nov-2019
Very good flavour, beautifully packed at a cheap price

"Best products"

by Satish on 30-Nov-2019
chia seeds good for healthlow fat best source of omega 3

"Good product"

by MANIKANDAN Suruthi on 29-Nov-2019
Good flavor ,no chemical.....value for money ...

"Good product"

by D on 28-Nov-2019
Using this product from the last few months & really satisfied by it.. clean seeds & of best quality.

"Clean and value for money"

by Amit on 28-Nov-2019
Clean and free from dust. Flavor wise very good and it just value for money.

"Chia seeds"

by Dilipkumar on 27-Nov-2019
I have used chia seeds from many brand but after using these I can tell these are original chia seeds. Very clean not single piece of dirt. Packing is also very nice. I add it to my various food, cake smoothies and many more. Taste is very good. Also after using for a month I have started seeing some good results. Lost some amount of weight, my skin is also Glowing. At last I can recommend you that you can go with this brand without any second thought.

"Seeds are as expected"

by Pramod on 27-Nov-2019
Seeds are as expected


by Akshata on 27-Nov-2019
Quite helpful in digestion, reducing acidity.

"One must try"

by Faraj on 26-Nov-2019
Good and healthy product

"Good... value for money"

by Advaith on 25-Nov-2019
I have tried chia seeds for many brands but this one I really like the most. Seeds are clean and have good flavour. Also the product was delivered on time.

"Good Quality Chia Seeds"

by MTLOV on 23-Nov-2019
Item arrived on time and the packaging was excellent. The seeds are of good quality and free from impurities.

"Best quality"

by Ekapad on 22-Nov-2019
Best thing is there is no impurity right amount of crunch and taste also the price is affordable

"Best chia seeds available on yuvika herbs"

by Jagdish on 22-Nov-2019
Best chia seeds among all available in the market,tastes better,nice quality,affordable price,great benefits

"Health for Health"

by Balhaar on 21-Nov-2019
This is very helpful for health include rich Protins, Omega 3 Fatty acids & calcium & Fibers. Thanks Yuvika Herbs for health chia seeds with lowest price.

"Useful product"

by Aditya on 20-Nov-2019
Good product and its working too


by Virendra Rajpurohit on 19-Nov-2019

"Must try!"

by Atharv on 18-Nov-2019
This product has aided my digestion and weight loss programme, i have to say it's the best thing i have tried so far❤ You know what people, give it a try and you won't regret it!

"Very very very nice product"

by MD FAZAL on 18-Nov-2019
Its very usefull,for all the aspects,must try once you will definitely love it

"Good purchase"

by Balvan on 17-Nov-2019
Fantastic product.authentic chia seeds

"Excellent product. Must buy."

by Bachittar on 16-Nov-2019
This is an Excellent product for your body. Loved it so much after using it.

"Nice product, take a try"

by Rahul on 16-Nov-2019
The quality of the product is nice and hope to have a positive improvement in health condition

"Best chia seeds"

by Balhaar on 15-Nov-2019
Amazing product. My favourite chia seeds of all brands. Quality is best . Buy this product without any second thought and you won’t regret your purchase.

"Must try"

by Miss. A on 14-Nov-2019
Excellent quality.Very clean seeds , no dirt at all. Packaging is also good. Worth buying for sure.. Thanks Yuvika Herbs

"Chia Seeds"

by Advay on 13-Nov-2019
I ordered chia seeds for the first time....I just pick this one from "Yuvika Herbs " ..... Its an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids.. Easy to blend and mix for the smoothies... Very much excillent product. I love it

"Go for it!!"

by Kaia on 13-Nov-2019
Definitely will purchase again!

"It works"

by Mansi on 13-Nov-2019
Good.It's flavour is definitely a 5star.

"Must buy product..."

by Dev Sagar on 13-Nov-2019
Good in test and effective product...

"Just perfect ."

by Ayushman on 12-Nov-2019
I ordered chia seed for the first time ...and I can see that there is no any color or preservatives added ....no Much advertising....I ll go for this again in future

"Luving it!!"

by karan on 12-Nov-2019
A genuine and organic product. Would love to buy other products of brand. Its helping me in lose weight.

"Fresh seeds"

by Vikas Jadhavar on 12-Nov-2019
The product is value for money and it has no impurities in it. Just go for it.

"Must buy"

by Ojas on 12-Nov-2019
The product was so nice and clean. Excellent quality.

"Nice product"

by Vidyadhar Tilve on 12-Nov-2019
clean seeds without any smell. Will order the product again.

"Top Quality Product & Packaging"

by Rohit Muley on 11-Nov-2019
Chia Seeds is best for weight loss and good source of protein, fibers . I have started using and can feel energetic throughout my day. Thanks to Yuvika Herbs to serve us top quality product . Chia seeds are clean and packaging of product is also good.I wish to order more in coming days.Thanks !!

"Excellent Chia Seeds to use in smoothie"

by Azad on 11-Nov-2019
Clean and Fresh. Tastes Good. I am using in smoothie. Presentation and Packing is good. Best Price.


by Raghav P. on 11-Nov-2019
The product was good. The packaging and the the authorized seal of the product should be the next step. Im satisfied with the product and looking forward to use more products of this kind.

"Very neat and clean.."

by Faras on 11-Nov-2019
Go for it for weight loss


by Anumeha on 10-Nov-2019
It's a amazing productIts helps me to lose weight about 10 kgsAnd keeps my skin glowing...

"The value for money "

by Ikbal on 10-Nov-2019
The chia seed favor is nice.happy with this product

"Good quality seeds"

by Jatin on 10-Nov-2019
Nice quality product, neat packing.

"Worth for the money and purpose.."

by Manbir on 10-Nov-2019
This is a repeated purchase by me. This product is worth for the purpose for which it's bought.

"Very nice product. I had order it 3 times."

by Nilofar on 10-Nov-2019
Texture is very good.but some fine particles didn't soak well. Otherwise good product.

"Awesome product for weight loss"

by KP on 09-Nov-2019
My wife is using this product more than 4 month and result is awesome. Initial she was 86 kg now she reduced to 64kg

"Nice one"

by Shrey Ratna on 09-Nov-2019
Excellent product


by Arpita Nath on 09-Nov-2019
This brand provides you the best chia seed... No dust, no stones.

"Very nice"

by Arnav on 08-Nov-2019
It's good for weight loss.. I've seen the actual results.. The seeds have no any impurities.. That's what I like in this..its good for digestion problems also..there is a noticeable change in my skin texture.. Overall the product is worth price.. You should try it once..

"Very Good Product"

by Ekalinga on 08-Nov-2019
Very Good Product


by Laban on 08-Nov-2019
Nice Product

"Very good product"

by Baljiwan on 07-Nov-2019
Very good product

"Thumbs up"

by Pooja on 07-Nov-2019
Value for money! They are rich in omega 3 that helps in health benefits.

"Good product"

by Prasad Babu on 04-Nov-2019
1st time using chia seeds..its good..

"Must buy"

by Dounome on 02-Nov-2019
Very nice flavour.good quality.

"Very genuine"

by Aditya on 31-Oct-2019
It's a very nice product and it soaks very well and make perfect jelly around it..if you are looking for a genuine product then surely go for it....


by Abeer on 30-Oct-2019
Very good for weight loss. Good packing.. Excellent product. Must try..

"Product met expectations"

by Ayush on 29-Oct-2019
The Chia seeds from Yuvika Herbs are definitely the kind i was looking for, genuine and quality product from the manufacturers, I would highly recommend to people looking for healthy weight loss options....


by sanjay yadav on 28-Oct-2019

"Nutrient Rich..."

by kaveri kar on 26-Oct-2019
I ordered chia seeds for the first time....I just pick this one from "Yuvika Herbs ..... Its an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids.. Easy to blend and mix for the smoothies(if u are a smoothie lover..)#Good quality product..#Value for money..#Good flavour...#Must buy product...


by Mahalakshmi on 25-Oct-2019

"Genuine product with Best taste"

by Aryan on 24-Oct-2019
Genuine product Without any artificial color. Quality of seeds are really good. + Origin date / processing date was a recent one. And finally this is an Indian company working for the health products so it gives me more reasons to support them

"Good product"

by Sharada on 21-Oct-2019
This chia seeds are better than other company's.Very neatly packed

"Chia seeds are very good for health conscious guys."

by Nachiket on 21-Oct-2019
The chia seeds are smooth, softens well when soaked, soft flavour n worth the money as a healthy product.The packaging is good, giving confidence over the quality.

"Happy thankful"

by Devika Chandran G on 21-Oct-2019
We r happy with your product....so please transfer the paytm cashback amount rs 50...so that we ll 100% satisfies with ur trustworthy service !!


by Ekavir on 20-Oct-2019
I have used 1pack of this chia seeds I have seen little changes already hope i could see best changes in upcoming time

"Must buy product...."

by ARJUN SAMAL on 20-Oct-2019
Yuvika Herbs chia seeds is a genuine product . They maintain quality plus hygiene very well. I recommend this product to everyone who want quality chia seeds at reasonable price.

"Defective package...but nice product"

by Abhishek Nanda on 19-Oct-2019
The is good. But when I received the package the seal was broken and the seeds are spilled everywhere inside the package. I think the saler tried to open the seal to taste how it taste like,,

"Gud product"

by Kiran on 19-Oct-2019
Very gud product nd it helps to manage weight

"Very good product."

by Mann on 19-Oct-2019
Very good products. Highly recommended.


by Bonashree R. on 19-Oct-2019
Pure n good


by Rose on 18-Oct-2019
Very nice


by Nakul Sharma on 18-Oct-2019
Good chia seeds

"Packing is very Stlish"

by Anmol on 17-Oct-2019
Flavor is good and nice packing... I used it twice I can not write about benefits and actually how it works..... Let's c does it really work in fat otherwise everything is ok ok

"Worth the money spend on the product"

by Subash on 17-Oct-2019
Don't go for any other choice ,if u look for purity and brand ..good product.and flavor too nice.

"For healthy routine life "

by Dr.tanvi on 17-Oct-2019
Good product..go for it✌

"Good product"

by Amol on 16-Oct-2019
This is original chia seeds and the taste is also good

"Best chia seeds"

by Anirudh on 16-Oct-2019
This is a very nice product the quality of the seeds are very good they are nicely packed there are no stones or such material in the package they are 100 percent natural should try once very nice product

"Best product for weight loss."

by tanvi g. on 16-Oct-2019
Chia seeds -good for health,digestion and weight loss,good in taste also.

"Value for money"

by Yuganter Sharma on 16-Oct-2019
Got 1 packet and i have been using it for a month, bought 2 more. Its a good ingredient to add up to your daily meals or smothies or even salads.

"A good product to try"

by Arin on 15-Oct-2019
Earlier I used to use chia seeds from a different company. But quality was not up to the mark. Since in the product list I found this product of Yuvika Herbs I decided to try this one. Really it is very good product, tasty and helping in clearing bowl.

"Good quality"

by Tarun Kumar on 15-Oct-2019
Good quality

"Must use product.."

by Dr wasim musa on 14-Oct-2019
Excellent...well deserve...giving new hope...

"Honest Review"

by Akshay on 13-Oct-2019
Worth the price...just go for it...Rich in fibre, calcium, iron & omega 3 &6 fatty acid helps in losing weight, heart and blood sugar as well. Just soak overnight n sip it. Yuvika Herbs is really good in terms of other brands available in market..

"Awesome product"

by Anmol on 12-Oct-2019
Go for it! I looked for various products just to pick the right chia seeds at once. It took a long but I ultimately found these, super affordable, not even a single grain of impurity, original seeds and Ready to consume.Awesome

"Value for money"

by Om on 11-Oct-2019

"It's worthy and quality also good"

by vijay on 10-Oct-2019
I used only once now but it's nice..Quality also superb..

"High in Price and Quality!"

by shaik s. on 09-Oct-2019
Don't know when the seeds are packed but they labelled as Sep 2019 which can done easily while shipping....Packing must be better, 5 stars for Quality & Paytm cashback as mentioned.

"Nice product"

by Ekansh on 08-Oct-2019
Great ayurvedic product to loose weight, can be taken easily in various ways like with water, detox water, milkshakes, juices.


by Kapil A. on 07-Oct-2019
i have tried countless chia seeds from different brands. some of them are to expensive but those which are really cheap often have a really bad quality. this just falls right in the sweet spot. not to expensive but minimal to no sacrifice on the quality for the price tag.

"Good product"

by Raj Kumar sharma on 07-Oct-2019
Good product


by Adesh on 07-Oct-2019
Its is awesome. No impurities at all. Packaging was nice. Love it.

"Really Good"

by Ayushman on 06-Oct-2019
This product ended my search for the best chia seeds Yuvika has to offer because they have all what is needed to be the best in the category as they are free of dust or stones unlike others I have tried in the past.

"Review of the product"

by Nafisa on 06-Oct-2019
This product is very beneficial for our health and the flavor in it is absolutely amazing. The presentation was great and the product is absolutely value for money. I would recommend everyone to buy this without hesitation

"Go for it !!!"

by Sid on 06-Oct-2019
Product works very well for me. Good flavor and quality.

"Weight loss"

by Malif Barreto on 06-Oct-2019
Chia seeds good source of protein, fibre, omega-3.Very good for weight loss.I have it for breakfast and after workout with my protein shake.


by hitesh saini on 05-Oct-2019
Very good product ..I always use this as I m on gym diet....I veg great source of omega good for joints too.

"Must try"

by Abhimanyu on 04-Oct-2019
My mother loves this stuff, so I bought Yuvika Herbs Chia Seeds as it's great value for money. A 250 gm packet has lasted her a months, so if you're considering buying this, go for it. The seeds are clean and free of impurities. No sand or gravel in the packet. Reliable seller.

"Good product"

by Lakshit on 04-Oct-2019
I just got it packaged well. Look premium product but not used yet

"Best in quality"

by S DILIP KUMAR on 04-Oct-2019
Best in class product and good quality I recommend to buy

"the most liked flavor with natural taste"

by Saurabh on 04-Oct-2019
Product was good, really liked it's content.

"Value for money"

by Ayushman on 03-Oct-2019
The quality of Chia seeds is very nice. The product is prices reasonably

"Healthy Product"

by Kapil Garg on 03-Oct-2019
Chia seeds are very good for the health. This product is really awesome in terms of quality and taste.

"Definitely recommend"

by Corsa on 03-Oct-2019
Very good product , no impurities and soaks up really well . Definitely recommend

"Chia seeds way to healthy life"

by Arvind on 02-Oct-2019


by NILESH AGARWAL on 02-Oct-2019
It's amazingResults are amazing ..Should give a try

"Chia Seeds ..."

by Bachittar on 01-Oct-2019
GOOD PRODUCT .. Must try for weight loss and thousand of other benefits..cannot describe in words ...DAILY MORNING INTAKE. MUST TRY.......

"Chia seeds"

by Ishwar on 01-Oct-2019
Product is good but delivery took very long time

"Good Product chiya seeds"

by Manthan on 01-Oct-2019
This Product is very infective for wait loss and energy fully Good flaover-

"Excellent product"

by Jubin on 30-Sep-2019
Wide range of health benefits... Go for it... it's worth it

"Just soak and enjoy"

by Ansh on 29-Sep-2019
Nice product without any dirt or impurities.

"High quality product"

by Amol on 27-Sep-2019
Im very happy with the product its really a very good product . It doesn't contain any pieces of solid materail its totally clear so its quality is awesome i recommend this to everyone those who want to buy it

"Worth of money"

by Abhimanyu on 26-Sep-2019
I am Spicaly using this product for wright loss and before buying I have gone through review and find that this is great product and it also look like Genuine..Thanks #Yuvika Herbs


by Abhiramnew on 26-Sep-2019
Really feeling light after drinking this chia seeds and even my digestive system also feel relaxed today...Awesome quality product in this price,happy with Yuvika Herbs chia seeds..

"the perfect product for weight loss"

by Anay on 25-Sep-2019
the product is cleaned as well as the quality of the product is premium. if you are looking to remove unwanted fat from the body you must go for it.

"Best chea seeds out there"

by Himanshu kirar on 25-Sep-2019
This is my 2nd purchase.These chia seeds are best in the market. Does not have any foul smell and tastes good

"Healthiest Breakfast Item..."

by Hari Om Tyagi on 25-Sep-2019
Best Healthy breakfast when taken in morning after overnight soaking in water.. Flavour is also good...


by Asma mujawar on 25-Sep-2019
Nice product, on time delivery,

"Wholesome Product"

by Advik on 24-Sep-2019
Amazing quality and super affordable prize from one of the best ayurveda products manufacturer. Must buy for all who prefer healthy lifestyle. It is value for money.

"Good Quality And Clean"

by Laban on 24-Sep-2019
Very Good Quality And Clean and Fresh Thanks

"Awesome product"

by nikhil on 24-Sep-2019
Nice flavor and presentation it has value for money

"Good purchase."

by Jaya Phanikrishna on 24-Sep-2019
Package was intact and used it. Been ordering these for healthy diet

"Excellent product "

by Advay on 23-Sep-2019
Go for it .Must buy . Excellent product I was very confused .Which chia seed is best but I am satisfied to buy this product .I hope my comment helps you .

"Value for money"

by Lakshit on 23-Sep-2019
Flavor is good and also quality .

"Satisfied with the product"

by PUSPANJALI MURMU on 23-Sep-2019
Good product with good packaging.


by Aadi on 20-Sep-2019
Iam using this seed last four months I lost 10kgs its really work, but you should maintain diet too

"Excellent Chia Seed ever had"

by Aarnav on 19-Sep-2019
Yuvika Herbs chia seeds is excellent, real and genuine product than rest of brands. After trying lot of brands, i tried Yuvika Herbs chia seeds and it is up to the mark product. Good packaging, easy to use, high in protein and fiber. Our whole family enjoys Yuvika Herbs chia seeds.

"Very Nice product . Go for it"

by Customer on 19-Sep-2019
Using this chia seeds from 3 months its my 3rd order. Now I can say it help me a lot to reduce my weight. Thanks.

"Good Product"

by Arif Mohmad on 17-Sep-2019
Hi yuvika , I want to say thanks because this Chia product is good i ordered it second time because i had a msg from my family that this Chia seeds are really effective for weight loss and for health too so thanks Yuvika Herbs thanks for being sailing a good product ,,,

"Overall good"

by Arin on 16-Sep-2019
Product is good. Flavor and smell was mild. It good for health. Valuable product. It can reduce bad cholesterol good for heart.

"Great product"

by P m. on 16-Sep-2019
Great product for weight loss i am using it for 5 days and my digestion is improving.

"Excellent product"

by YASH MANGLEKAR on 16-Sep-2019
All parameter is get 5 start rating. So good always recommend product.

"Very good product"

by om pratap on 16-Sep-2019
i ordered this chia seeds for the first time i just pick this one first time Yuvika Herbs and trust me its very good in quality .


by Gautam on 15-Sep-2019
good in quality


by Anay on 14-Sep-2019
I ordered the product from Yuvika for the very first time. Its taste is awesome and purity is maintained. Its also a value for money deal. Very genuine product for weight loss.

"I love thi chia seeds"

by Shubham on 14-Sep-2019
I love it so much and I use every day I saw many good changes in my body

"Very good product for stomach"

by Balendra on 13-Sep-2019
It's a good product if you are having stomach problem like indigestion and gas

"Good product."

by Devendra Kumar Raj on 09-Sep-2019
Without adulteration. Good product.

"Go for it"

by Rakesh Yadav on 07-Sep-2019
Very useful good for health and weightYe review mne 4months ke baad diya hResult is good m chia seeds lemon Aur honey ke sath lete hu


by Sandhiya Santhosh on 05-Sep-2019
ordered this chia seeds for d first tym i jus pick dis one frm yuvika and trust me its very nyc quality nd in furture me definately going to buy frm dis company only .. nyc product

"Good for skin"

by Mehul Parmar on 30-Aug-2019
100% vegan product. Good for skin too. Loved it.

"Chia makes good health"

by Nirav patel on 27-Aug-2019
It was good for all age group nice and chip and very useful to make are self healthy and fit

"Drinking chia seeds daily gives good start to your day"

by Amol Chandak on 25-Aug-2019
I heard about chia seed from one of the website then I decided to order it. When I see multiple companies for chia seed I have decided to order it from yuvika based on it's good review. I have an acidity problem after having chia seed daily my acidity is in very much control. It also help me to control on weight gain.So I suggest you to use chia seed,it is really useful and must have in daily routine.

"It's quite good and useful"

by Atharv on 24-Aug-2019
It's is very good product

"Itz really awsome.. Good brand and good product"

by Divya on 18-Aug-2019
It is exactly a good way to loss weight nd boost our metabolism..i just came here to buy my secnd pack of this same brand.. I like it very much.. It has not even any impurities inside and redy to consume directly with water or smoothies.. I confidently recommend this brand.. But money little bit high as compared to markets

"must buy"

by Aryan on 15-Aug-2019
if you are looking for chia seeds must buy


by Bakhshi on 15-Aug-2019

"Good quality"

by Vilas Ravi on 14-Aug-2019
Nice product. Using since a week in my smoothies and coconut water.


by Abhinaba on 14-Aug-2019

"More than expected"

by Ashima Dhoundiyal on 13-Aug-2019
Well I didn't have much expectations from this as I was purchasing it online....but to be honest I loved it... ordered it for Mom and she's really happy....also it's a really good quantity for this price

"Chia seeds"

by ranjani on 13-Aug-2019
Gud product...the seeds are without impurities and swells perfectly.. liked it

"Yuvika herbs chia seeds is very nice products"

by Brijesh on 12-Aug-2019
It is really nice products, I'm using it regularly now it help me a great result. test is really great, value of we spent money it worth it with this product...thanks for such a good product..

"Must buy"

by Akshay on 12-Aug-2019
One of the best chia seed

"Must buy proproduct"

by Manju Bala on 10-Aug-2019
I love this product, my digestive system gets improved..

"good quality go for it"

by Shagufa on 09-Aug-2019
lil expensive than other brands but deliver good quality chia seeds they are clean doesnt have a single stone or dirt.

"Excellent product"

by Rajatkumar Patel on 08-Aug-2019
Such a good and cleaned product. All seeds are in equal size. No broken seeds. Recommend to buy this.

"Excellent quality, good packaging"

by Syam Krishnan on 07-Aug-2019
Excellent quality. I've seen reviews for some other cheaper brands mentioning about presence of ground stones, unwanted plant parts, dirt etc. But this one is excellent and clean. Packing is also airtight.

"Really works"

by Antima on 04-Aug-2019
I love that. Worth buying it really works...

"Neat n clean"

by Neesha on 28-Jul-2019
Nice product..very neat n clean..n on time delivery too..really value for money


by Brajesh Mishra on 27-Jul-2019
Best quality


by Jaishri Mali on 22-Jul-2019
Ok for health

"Chia seed"

by Richa d. on 21-Jul-2019
Its Helping to loosing my weight and boots me thanks yuvika


by Annie on 20-Jul-2019
Quality is good

"Good for weight loss"

by Nikita Sharma on 19-Jul-2019
I have used chia seeds from many brand but after using these I can tell these are original chia seeds. Very clean not single piece of dirt. Packing is also very nice. I add it to my various food, cake smoothies and many more. Taste is very good. Also after using for a month I have started seeing some good results. Lost some amount of weight, my skin is also Glowing more and hair are thick. Also I fell more cooler then before in these summer. At last I can recommend you that you can go with this brand without any second thought.

"Best quality"

by Anita on 08-Jul-2019
When I ordered it was little confused to order which brand but now I am satisfied with these chia seeds. They are far better from other seller. High quality, super clean and ready to use. Packing was also very nice. So at last I can recommend this product and brand to all my family and friends


by Bhavyamaurya on 07-Jul-2019


by Sang it a Narsaria on 05-Jul-2019


by Darshan on 05-Jul-2019
Avrage product

"Excellent quality"

by AJ on 02-Jul-2019
This is my 3rd order for chia from Yuvika Herbs. The chia is enriched with nutrition. I am taking them for weight loss and has seen some really good results.

"Super Clean and reasonably priced"

by Utsav Pathak on 01-Jul-2019
My daily breakfast is incomplete without chia Seeds. They are a rich source of fiber, omega3, and protein. Incorporating it in daily routine has given me immense benefits. I can feel more energy throughout the day, also my skin has started glowing. I add them to smoothies, oats.


by Agastya on 01-Jul-2019

"Super food"

by Pratyush on 23-Jun-2019
It's a very good product for weight loss and for ur skin as well. Very simple to use and very effective product Iust say. Yes I must suggest this product to everyone Bcz this a super good and it's control many of ur health issues.

"Good quality"

by Subhasmita sahoo on 21-Jun-2019
Nice product

"A good product"

by sonal on 19-Jun-2019
A good product. Well packed , and the chia seeds are clean . Would like to buy it again.

"Chia Seeds"

by Mamta on 17-Jun-2019
This Product Is Good For Weight Loss


by Muskan Mittal on 17-Jun-2019
It was good.

"Very good product"

by rachanashahdeo on 15-Jun-2019
Good product. Fresh n good packaging. Would like to buy again


by Rishu Chaudhary on 12-Jun-2019
Very clean, no dirt.!You have to soak it for 2 hours to get the best results. Earlier I soaked it for sometime so it didn’t absorb water properly but if you soak it for 2 hours you will get the best results.


by Agastya on 12-Jun-2019
its fine.

"very good"

by Anil on 28-May-2019
i ordered dis chia seeds for d first tym i jus pick dis one frm yuvika and trust me its very nyc quality nd in furture me definately going to buy frm dis company only .. nyc product

"No impurities at all"

by MANISHA on 13-May-2019
Go for it! I looked for various products just to pick the right chia seeds at once. It took a long but I ultimately found these, super affordable, not even a single grain of impurity, original seeds and Ready to consume.


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