Yuvika herbs lajwanti seeds - lajvanti beej - chui mui - mimosa pudica

The plant of Lajwanti is like a nutritious plant. The botanical name of Lajwanti is Neptunia oleracea and Mimosa pudica. The word Lajwanti is called Mimosa Pudika in English, originating from Latin. It is also called mimosa, sleeping plant, sensitive plant, it is such a plant, If a person touches it, it closes itself by shrinking, then it opens automatically after a while. It looks full of red color. It grows throughout the year and is a Fabaceae form of the pea species. It is used for Jadi Butti. It is mostly found in empty places under trees and shrubs as well, it is found more in shady places. The roots, leaves, and seeds of Lajwanti are used to avoid many diseases.

Other Names: Lajak, Lajjavati, Han xiu cao, Sensitive Plant, Humble Plant, Touch Me Not, Shyness Grass, Sensitive commune, Herbe pudique ou Vive mimuese, Mimose, Schamhafte Sinnpflanze, Risamani, Lajavanti, Lajamani, Chui Mui, Choti Mui, Lajwanti, Lajvanti, Lajja, Lajak, Lajjaru, Lajaru, Muttidasenui, Machikegide, Lajjavati, Mimosa pudica Linn, Lajalu, Lajan, Lajjalu, Samanga, Namaskari, Chhuimui


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