Yuvika Herbs kasni seeds - kasini beej - kaasni seeds - chicory - cichorium intybu

Yuvika Herbs   kasni seeds - kasini beej - kaasni seeds - chicory - cichorium intybu

Kasni (Cichorium intybus) is a perennial herb, also known by the names blue daisy, blue weed, blue sailor, bunk, coffee weed, blue dandelion, & wild endive. It is native to Eastern India. Physicians of the ancient times used this plant to manage numerous common ailments.

Medicinal uses of Kasni -

·         Kasni helps in the proper functioning of optic system. It serves as a rich source of Vitamin A.

·         This herb is very useful in treating chronic constipation as wellas by giving good bowel movements. The herb is a natural laxative that is tremendously useful in relieving chronic constipation by easing bowel movements.

·         It is also good for patients suffering from anemia. A combination of Kasni and celery seems to be extremely helpful to treat anemia. It acts as an effective blood tonic & helps relieve anemic patients.

·         The seeds, flowers and roots of Kasni are used medicinally to support liver health and treat liver-related problems. A decoction made from these three parts of the plant helps relieve sluggishness of the liver, jaundice, biliary stasis, torpidity of the liver and enlargement of the spleen. The plant’s juice is used to increase bile secretion that results in the efficient functioning of both the liver and the gall bladder.

·         Juice made from Kasni is highly useful to relieve several respiratory disorders including hay fever and asthma. The root of the plant is used as a good expectorant, especially in case of severe bronchitis.

·         The herb is also useful in treating menstrual disorders. The seeds of Kasni are highly beneficial in providing relief from the problem of delayed or obstructed menstruation.


 Other Names: 

Hindabaa’, Sharqeen, Hinduba, Kasni, Chicory, Endive, Succory, Blue Sailors, Blue Daisy, Coffee Weed, Barbe de Capucin, Chicorée, Gewöhnliche Wegwarte, Zichorie, Hinduba, Kasni, Cichorium intybus Linn, Kachani, Kasnaj, Tukhme Kasni (Seeds), Berge Kasni, Bekhe, Hand, Suchal, Kasani


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