Yuvika herbs Dry Amla with Several health benefits

Dry Amla though very beneficial is still very hard to swallow. But I have the most amazing solution to this which is that you put the dry amla in a food processor and grind it to convert it into powder for. Now this powder is similar to a magical herb which will cater all your problems and benefit you in abundant ways. You can also extract these benefits through the amla juice as well. So here you won’t mind me telling you that bitter is better.

Health Benefits - 

Amla fights common cold and asthma

Amla improves eyesight and eye infections

Amla reduces the risk of cancer

Amla purifies the blood vessels

Amla helps in weight loss

Amla can be used as a pre-workout drink for fat burner

Amla protects liver

Amla fights heart diseases

Amla increase blood circulation

amla prevents mouth ulcers

Amla is effective cure of constipation and piles

Amla cures urine infection

Amla treats gastric disorders

Amla boost immunity

Amla strengthens bones

Amla prevents formation of gall bladder stones

Amla controls diabetes

Amla treats acne scars/ remove acne


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