Talmakhana seeds - Taal makhana beej - Kokilaksha beej - Asteracantha longifolia

The seeds are acrid, bitter, aphrodisiac, tonic, sedative, used for diseases of the blood. The plant is known to possess antitumor, hypoglycemic, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, free radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation, hepatoprotective and haematopoietic activity.

Asteracantha longifolia and commonly known as “Neermulli, Talmakhana, Kokilaksha & Iksura” is a common plant growing in marshy and water logged areas. The plant is an important medicinal herb, widely distributed in India and is used for different medicinal purposes. Asteracantha longifolia is an important medicinal herb and is used in traditional system of medicine for various ailments like diuretics, jaundice, diopsy, rheumatism, hepatic, obstructions and dissolution of gallstones, kidney stones, liver dysfunction and disease of urinogenital tracts. 

Other Names: 

Kuliyakhara, Kulekhad, Shrigali, Hydrophilia, Langblattriger Sterndorn, Ekharo, Talmakhana, Gokulakanta, Kolavali, Kolarind, Kolavankal, Talmakhana, Talimakhana, Hygrophila spinosa , Talikhana, Kolsunda, Talmakhana, Talimakhana, Kokilaksha, Ikshura, Talmakhana


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