Stone flower OR Chadila by Yuvika herbs

Stone flower  OR Chadila by Yuvika herbs

Stone flower  OR Chadila

Other Names: 

Ushna, Shailaj, Stone Flowers, Rock moss, Parmelia des murs, Wandschildflechte, Patthar Phool, Chhadilo, Charela, Charcharela, Chelchabela, Pathar ka Phool, Shilapushpa, Kalluhoo, Parmelia perlata (Huds.) Ach. , Dagad Phool,  Davala, Auneh, Chhadila, Silavalka, Shaileyam, Saileya, Silapushpa, Charila

India is known for its local spices that make the food extraordinary, and every region has its spices. One such spice is the black stone flower (kalpasi) that very few know about it. Apart from the taste that it gives, it also contributes to your health. The Black Stone flower (Kalpasi) or Dagad Phool is a spice that is soft brown and black. It is dry and has a strong earthy aroma smell. 

Benefits of  stone flower 

Improves Kidney Stones

Excellent source for healthy skin

Heal’s cough and asthma

Fights Bacterial and Fungal Infections


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