Podina Patta - Pudina - Mentha Arvensis Linn - Mint Leaves

Podina Patta - Pudina - Mentha Arvensis Linn - Mint Leaves

Mint or Mentha is one of the oldest herbs widely used in global cuisines and it is highly prized for its innumerable therapeutic properties and uses. The divine flavour of pudina leaves renders a distinct taste and aroma to the dishes and it is used to make chutney, raita and refreshing drink. Mint leaves are also valued as a mouth freshener since times immemorial for its amazing healing properties.

Pudina/Mint Leaves Uses

Pudina leaves can be used fresh or dried in a spectrum of culinary dishes. The leaves render a warm, fresh, aromatic, sweet flavour and deliver a cool aftertaste which is used in making tea, beverages, jellies, syrups, ice creams and candies. Mint flavored tea is quite popular in India and also widely relished in the Arabian and African countries. Mint julep or mojito is an alcohol flavored cocktail drink.

Mint essential oil and menthol are used as a flavouring agent in mouth fresheners, drinks, antiseptic mouthwashes, toothpaste, chewing gum etc., Menthol, the compound present in mint renders the characteristic aroma and flavors to all mint based products.

Menthol is the key element in mint essential oil which is an ingredient in many cosmetics, perfumes and also used as an aromatherapy oil to calm the digestive system.


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