Nagarmotha is a perennial herb that is considered a weed in many areas. However, Ayurvedic practitioners have valued the root of the nut grass plant for its medicinal qualities for many years. Its seeds and rhizome is particularly valued for its oil and this is used in the perfume industry. 

Nagarmotha oil is an effective home remedy for managing stomach disorders due to its antispasmodic and carminative properties. Nagarmotha oil also helps manage diabetes due to its antioxidant property. It prevents cell damage caused by free radicals and protects the body from certain diseases. It also has anti-diarrheal property as it prevents the formation of watery stools due to the presence of flavonoids.
Nagarmotha might be useful in managing skin infections. Applying a paste of Nagarmotha powder and coconut oil helps reduce swelling and stops bleeding due to its astringent property. Nagarmotha oil also protects against various bacterial and fungal infections due to its antimicrobial property.

Benefits - 

 The inflammation of some stubborn skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis can be calmed with the application of nagarmotha, decreasing the redness associated with the conditions and easing irritation. Nagarmotha also adds moisture to reduce dryness and flaking. It also offers anti-bacterial benefits that may help stop acne.

- Nagarmotha is packed with antioxidants that can ease oxidative stress, thereby acting as an anti-aging agent.

- Nagarmotha has been touted as an aid for lightening the skin, reducing the effects of aging and controlling weight.

- Nagarmotha helps to lighten the skin tone by preventing the formation of the skin pigment known as melanin.

- Ayurvedic doctors make use of preparations of nut grass to treat numerous skin conditions like itching, fungus infestation, rashes and herpes.

The anti-inflammatory effects of nut grass make it a probable remedy for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions.

Other Names: 

Su’d Kufee, Su’d al-mustadeer, Sa’d, Mutha, Musta, Moothoo, Nut Grass, Sedge Root, Nutsedge, Souchet rond, Rundes Zyperngras, Nussgraswurzel, Moth, Nagarmoth, Nagar Motha, Korehi-jhar, Motha, Kornari Gadde, Abdahullu, Cyperus rotundus Linn, Moth, Nagarmoth, Motha, Bimbal, Mushkok, Sad Kufi, Mutha, Motha, Mustaka, Musta, Bhadramusta, Kurubilva , Sad Kufi


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