kikar phali - babul fali - babool phali - acacia nilotica

Babool is also known as the “Healing tree” as all of its parts (bark, root, gum, leaves, pods, seeds) are used for various medicinal purposes.
According to Ayurveda, chewing small pieces of fresh Babool bark is good for managing oral health problems as it strengthens gums and teeth due to its astringent property.. Babool also helps in the management of diarrhea by decreasing intestinal motility due to its Keshya property. It also provides relief from cold and cough symptoms as well as sore throat by promoting the removal of sputum from the air passages and eases breathing. Consuming Babool gum powder along with water once a day helps in relieving joint pain due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Applying a paste of Babool leaf powder and coconut oil helps manage oral problems such as plaque formation and gingivitis due to its antibacterial property.


1. Oral problems
Chewing small pieces of fresh bark of babool tree can be good for oral health. It not only help strengthen the teeth but heals the gum due to its Kashaya (astringent) property.

2. Diarrhea and Lose motion
Babool bark helps to treat diarrhea and lose motion because Babool has Kashaya(astringent) and reduce Ama(Ama (toxic remains in the body due to improper digestion) properties which help to improve metabolism, give strenght to intestine and control diarrhea or lose motion

3. Leucorrhea
Chew 5-8 Babool leaves and drink a glass of water in the morning daily to cure vaginal white discharge in female and Dhat rog in male due to its coolant and astringent effects.

4. Cough and Cold
Babool Bark is helpful in the treatment of cold symptoms as well as relieving sore throat that is associated with cold and cough due to its Kapha balancing property which helps to melt excessive sputum and give relief from a cough and cold.

5. Arthritis and Fractured bone
Babool gum works on arthritis pain as well as also helps in the fracture to fasten the union of fractured ends for proper healing of internal injuries when its taken orally due to its Vata balancing and Ropan(healing) nature.

Other Names: Samaghe ‘Arabee, Aqaaqiyaa, Akakia, Indian Gum-arabic, Gum Acacia, Babul, Wattle Bark, Babool, Gummiarabicabaum, Arabischer Gummibaum, Kaloabaval, Baval, Keekar, Kikar, Babul, Babool, Babla, Babur, Sak, Acacia arabica Willd, Khare-Mughilan, Vabboola, Vabbula, Barbura, Babula, Babul, Gond Babul, Gond Kikar, Khadir, Kala Babool, Kala Kikar


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