Kasuri Methi -Methi dana - fenugreek seeds - trigonella foenum-graecum

Kasuri Methi -Methi dana - fenugreek seeds - trigonella foenum-graecum

Kasuri Methi is mainly used in flavouring or seasoning dishes such as dals and vegetable gravies. It is a seasonal ingredient in many popular dishes all over India. It is found in pickles, salads, raitas and sometimes consumed in its green leafy form.

Due to its benefits for our skin, it is a common ingredient in soaps and other skin care products.

A good flavour of Kasuri Methi acts as a cover for bitter Ayurvedic medicines.

Due to its natural ability to curb fever and cold, Kasuri Methi is used in different parts of the country as an ingredient for herbal tea.

Health Benefits of Kasuri Methi 

·         Regular consumption of Kasuri Methi helps keep cholesterol levels in check.

·         It helps in relieving gastric, digestion and intestine related problems.

·         Fenugreek leaves help in keeping the body’s blood lipids at the normal levels.

·         It helps in controlling the metabolism of glucose and hence prevents type-2 diabetes.

·         Reduces platelet formation which in turn prevents blood clotting in the heart.

·         Helps fight against kidney problems as well as mouth ulcers and boils.

·         Applying a paste out of fenugreek powder helps to get rid of skin blemishes.

·         Including Kasuri Methi in the diet of a lactating mother helps to improve milk flow.


Other Names: Hulba, Fareeqa, Methi, Hu lu ba, Fenugreek, Bird’s Foot, Greek Hayseed , Fenugrec sénegré, Bockshornklee, Kuhhornklee, Griechisch-Heu, Methi, Methi , Menthya, Meeth, Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn, Methi, Shamleez, Methi, Methika, Methini, Methi, Tukhme Hulba


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