Karela powder By Yuvika Herbs

Karela powder By Yuvika Herbs


Karela powder is an herbal remedy prepared from Momordica charantia and helps to treat various health ailments. It is an effective natural remedy to maintain blood sugar level in diabetic people, helps to treat cholera, relieves piles, improves energy level and stamina. This bitter melon powder keeps respiratory diseases at bay. Regular and continuous use of Karela powder is very helpful. It keeps the body clear of toxins and oxidants and manages the proper functioning of the body. Medicinal properties of Karela or bitter melon are known widely. Therapeutic properties of this fruit are much stronger and striking than its bitter taste. Karela powder is made from pure extract of bitter melon.



·         Blood purifier

·         Immunity booster

·         Skin cleanser

·         Nutritional

·         Anti diabetic

·         Digestive

·         Anti-inflammatory

·         Antiviral

·         Anti-histaminic

·         Antioxidant


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