Karanjwa - Sagar Goti - Pongamia Pinnata - Caesalpinia Bonducella

Karanjwa -  Sagar Goti - Pongamia Pinnata - Caesalpinia Bonducella

Yuvika herbs Karanjwa -  Sagar Goti - Pongamia Pinnata - Caesalpinia Bonducella 

Karanja is a medicinal herb mainly used for skin disorders. All parts of Karanja tree (roots, flowers, leaves, bark) are used for medicinal purposes.
Karanja is widely used in managing constipation as it helps to improve gut motility and has a laxative property. It might also be used for piles due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.
According to Ayurveda, Karanja oil is mainly applied on the skin to manage boils and eczema as well as heal wounds due to its Ropan (healing) and antimicrobial property. The paste of its leaves can also be applied on cuts and wounds to help promote healing. Karanja oil is also useful in arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory activity. Regularly bathing with Karanja leaf infusion helps to manage pain and inflammation.
Karanja stem has been used for cleaning teeth and strengthen gums since ancient times


Health Benefits-


Loss of Appetite


Cough and Cold

Other Names: सागरगोटी, Pongamia pinnata, Indian beech, Pongam oil tree, Karanj, Honge, Karajata, Pungai, Kanuga, Karach, Naktamala, Magul karanda, Sukh Chain, Ghrtakarauja, Karanjaka, Naktahva, Dahara, Natakaranja, Korach, Hulagilu, Naktamala, Kantaki, Kanaji


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