benefits of Indrayan phal !! the gift of nature

benefits of Indrayan phal !! the gift of nature

Yuvika herbs Indrayan phal

Other Names:      Citrullus colocynthis, Bitter Apple, Colocynth, Bitter cucumber, Egusi, Vine of Sodom, Colocynth, Peikkumatti, Hanjal , Paaparbudam , indrayan, panjot, indrabaruni  , badi indrayan, ghorumba, indarayan  ,hamekkae, hara-mekki-kayi, kattuvellari, kadu-indravani  , atmaraksha, brihadvaruni, brihatphala  , kumatti, pey-komatti  , chitti-papara  , hanzal, indyaran, shahme-hinzal, Cucumis colocynthis, Colocynthis vulgaris, Cucurbitaceae

indrayan phal is a desert viny plant that grows in sandy, arid soils, The outer portion of the fruit is covered with a green skin having yellow stripes. The fruits may also be yellow in color. The ripe fruits are characterized by a thin but hard rind. The fruits have a soft, dry, spongy white pulp which is filled with numerous ovate compressed seeds.

 The indrayan phal used in the form of powder to treat jaundice, for cleansing wound, for extraction of foreign body, scrotal enlargement, warts, alopecia, greying of hair, arthritis, amenorrhoea and for inducing abortion, for inducing vaginal secretion and insanity.

Uses and benefits of Bitter Apple

It is an antidote to scorpion bite and snake bite.
Extract of the fruit pulp is utilized in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
It is effective in the treatment of ascites.
It can be relied on for the treatment of lung infections.
It stimulates hair growth when applied on scalp.
Plant extracts have strong purgative properties which help to cure intestinal problems such as constipation.
Consumption of the bitter apple plant helps in purifying the blood.
These plants help in removing tumors present in the gastro intestinal tract or in the stomach.
Plant is used to scrap and remove warts and corns from the skin.
Dried pulp of unripe fruit is used medicinally for its drastic purgative and hydragogue cathartic action on the intestinal tract.
Pulp or leaves is a folk remedy for cancerous tumors.
Decoction of the whole plant, made in juice of fennel, is said to help indurations of the liver.
Roots may also be used as purgative against ascites, for jaundice, urinary diseases, rheumatism, and for snake-poison.
It is also used to treat diabetes and hypertension in Morocco.
Fruit can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and soften bowel contents by an irritant action on the enteric mucosa.
Different parts of this plant, especially fruits and seeds, are often used to treat urinary infections in Tunisia and other Mediterranean countries.
indrayan phal is used as a remedy for sore throat and skin infections in Saudi Arabia.
Fruit is also a blood purifier and remedy for tumors and enlargement of spleen.
indrayan phal extract helps to decrease the pain and improve the nerve function and quality of life in patients with painful diabetic neuropathy.
It was taken boiled in water, or beer, in obstruction of the menses, which was considered successful in strong constitutions.
Some women used it in the same manner, in the beginning of pregnancy, to cause an abortion.
It curbs many skin ailments like scrap, warts and corns.
Its pulp is applied on the skin to treat boils, pimples and acne.
It treats skin infections like abscesses, psoriasis and wounds.
It is a good herbal cure for cancer and is best for curing breast cancer.
It is a natural blood purifier and is used to treat leukemia.
It is a good herbal remedy for rheumatic pain and arthritis.
It is beneficial herb for liver disorders like jaundice.
Its extracts are helpful in treating diabetes.
It helps to kill intestinal worms and is used to treat colitis.
It helps to combat the problems of constipations.
It helps to treat menstruation disorders like menopause, difficult menses, leucorrhea, scanty menses, Amenorrhea etc.


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