1. Cures fever

During ancient times, Hollyhock is used to cure the high fever. It possesses antipyretic properties which clears congestion from nose, treats high fever and cold symptoms. The intake of a cup of hollyhock tea provides relief from the irritation.

  1. Treats sore throat

The tea made from Hollyhock helps to treat sore throat effectively. Flowers, seeds and roots are used to make tea. Honey could be added with the herbal tea for the taste. It cures dry cough and provides relief from the throat irritation.

  1. Heal wounds

Hollyhock reduces the pain and puffiness of the injury. The boiled or soften leaves on the wounds directly. It helps to speed up the healing process.

  1. Gastrointestinal ailments

These herb possess an anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which helps to treat the gastro intestinal problems such as abdominal pain, ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel movement and diarrhea.

  1. Relief respiratory problems

The intake of Hollyhock tea treats the respiratory problems and nose congestion. It clears the blocked mucus membrane and comforts the throat. The tea could be made from the root. It provides the relief faster.

  1. Improves appetite

The root of Hollyhock promotes the appetite because it possess the starchy property. One should consume the tea to increase the appetite.

  1. Women’s health

The root and flowers of Hollyhock plant eases the kidney and womb irritation in the women. It effectively treats vaginal ejection.

  1. Digestive ailments

The root and leaves of Hollyhock treats the digestive problems. The research shows that this herb has ability to treat enteritis, colitis, peptic ulcers, mouth ulcers and hiatus hernias.

  1. Teething in infants

Teething is irritating as well as painful. The mouthwash made from the root provides relief from this condition. It eliminates the irritation and pain.

  1. Treat burns

Hollyhock root and stems cools the burn, blister and also lowers the swelling as well as pain. It also hydrates the affected areas.

  1. Assist circulation

The decoction made from Hollyhock flower promotes the circulation of blood. 5 ml of decoction in a day should be used for the best results.

  1. Hair health

Hollyhock provides radiant and smooth hair. It serves as an effective herbal conditioner which manages the hair from the dryness.

Other Names: Hollyhock, Gul – e- Khaira, al-ghasool, bazarul khatme, gulkhairo, khitmi, althaea, marsh mallow, marshmallow, mortification root, sweetweed, gul-i-khere, gulkhairo, khaira, khairakajhor, khitmigajhar, gulkhair, khaira, gul-khairo, gulkhairo, jukhame khatme, khaira, khaira-ka-jhor, khairakajhor, khitmi, khitmi-ka-jhar, khitmikajhar, cimaittutti, cimaittutticceti, shemaitute, simaitutti, Gul Khera


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