Gudbach  has been used by sages and rishis since the ancient times due to its ayurvedic medicinal benefits. As a medicine, it has been used since the time of Hippocrates. There are many advantages of gudbach such as clearing nasal congestion, improving memory, asthma, voice clarity, sedative, skin and hair care, etc.

Benifites of Gudbach  

1.      Sinus congestion: To overcome sinus congestion, common cold and sinus headache, it is suggested to use its powder into the nose, which causes sneezing thus cleanses the respiratory tract.

2.      Best antidote: Its root is a best antidote for the ill-effects of marijuana.
The side effect of all psychedelics can be neutralized by using calamus root.

3.      Cough & Fever: Along with decoction of liquorice root, it has positive impacts upon cough, fever and colic in children. For dry cough, one should chew its root. When a small piece of vacha is chewed for few minutes, it gives relief to sore-throat. In nut shell, vacha clears the respiratory channels and removes the obstructions whenever comes in the normal functioning of the respiratory process.

4.      Improve memory: It is used to enhance memory. The mix of a pinch of vacha powder, honey (1/2 tablespoon), and milk (1 cup), when taken both in the morning and evening for one month, helps to improve memory, intelligence and wisdom.

5.      Asthma: It is effective against asthma and chronic bronchitis. It is suggested to take two glasses of calamus tea, which leads to vomiting. The herb is a broncho-dilator and acts as a chest decongestant. This formulation clears the passage by expelling out impurities from the stomach and lungs and with the result, the patients feel comfortable and easy.

6.      Voice clarity: When the churna of vacha is used with water or honey, helps to remove sluggishness in the tongue during speech. Since, it enhances speech, it is of great use for salesman, executives, teachers, researchers and intellectuals and other professionals. It is also good for those who appear for interviews, examination and lectures.

7.      Sedative: Neuropharmacological actions of asarone oil revealed its sedative
and tranquilizing action. Asarone also reduced spontaneous action and caused reduction in anxiety and causes prolonged calming effect.

8.      Dilates blood vessels: It dilates the blood vessels in the brain, increases the blood circulation and thus used in coma, crebro-vasuclar diseases, cerebro-vascular accidents, transient ischaemic attack, etc.

9.      Skin care: For skin care, the extract of vacha, lactose is used in making bath preparation. This preparation gives moisturizing effect on the skin.

10.  Hare care: The extract of a calamus root is one of the major constituents in the formulation of general tonic in respect of hair care. To prevent loss of hair, mix one teaspoon powered root in 2 teaspoon cold coconut milk and make a paste. Then apply on the affected area and allow it to remain for half an hour before rinsing it off.



Gudbach - sweet flag - gurbach - bach - vach - acorus calamus

Other Names: 

Wajj, Qumha, Qasab Dharirah, Sweet Flag, Sweet Sedge, Sweet Myrtle, Flag Root, Calamus, Kalmus, Chalmis, Magenwurz, Schwanenbrot, Sigge, Bach, Gurbach, Baje, Bajegida, Baji, Acorus calamus Linn, Agar Turki, Karunak, Vacha, Bhuta-nashni, Ugragranthi, Waj Turki



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