Bhangra - Eclipta Alba leaves - Bhrangraj dry leaves By Yuvika herbs

Bhringaraj Leaves is an Ayurvedic plant which is quite popular because of its health benefits. Apart from benefitting hair, it helps the body in numerous ways. It is good for the skin and also helps in dealing with respiratory problems. These are the reasons why bhringaraj has been used as an effective home remedy in India for centuries. Medically, bhringaraj is known as Eclipta prostrata, or Eclipta alba. The plant comes in 4 species with flowers in a variety of colours. The white and yellow varieties are the ones which are extensively used in Ayurveda. There are many bioactive compounds in bhringaraj, such as oroboside, ursolic acid and luteolin to name a few - which account for its numerous health benefits.


Health Benefits

It is good for hair

 It is good for skin

It is good for the liver

It helps in dealing with dysentery

Gastric ulcers

Relieves pain

 Snake bites and scorpion stings

It is good for heart health

 It improves immunity

It helps in dealing with respiratory problems


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